The Team


At Results U, we have a team of certified trainers, who are passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. Learn a little bit about our staff below:


Vic Cantorna

Results U Certified

Specialty: Sports Performance/Strength and Conditioning

Passion: Helping everyone reach their goals whether they are an athlete or not.  Everyone deserves a chance at fitness.

Training Philosophy: Work hard for the best you!!  Not for what everyone else thinks you should look like.

How/Why you got started in training:    I became interested in strength and conditioning when I used to do DeMatha Summer Strength & conditioning camp.  It sparked my interest and I chose to follow through for my career.

Fun Fact about yourself: I studied 5 different styles of martial arts.  I am a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.e a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.


Liz Hartge

Results U Certified

Specialty: General public and former athletes

Passion: Little victories within big goals – helping others hit their goals and build that passion/desire to really change their fitness mindset.

Training Philosophy: Train insane or remain the same.

Fun Fact about yourself: Moved to California after college to coach collegiate lacrosse.  I love to sail and will befriend any dog I walk by.


Jeff Miyamoto

Results U Certified, CPR

Passion: I love helping people meet and exceed their goals.  It’s extremely satisfying watching folks progress.  Often times people really don’t understand what they are truly capable with commitment and consistency.

Training philosophy: Train not just hard but also intelligently.  Know when to push but also when to ease off a little.  No injuries on my watch!

How/why you got started in training: As a former athlete I unfortutunately spent more time in the training room than on the field.  Almost every major joint in my body has undergone a reconstructive surgury.  In my rehabilitation I became facinated with the bodys amazing capacity for healing and positive change.

Tyler Adams

Results U Certified, CPR

Passion: Teach people to push past adversity, no pressure, no diamonds

Training Philosophy: Train In Saiyan

How/Why you got started in training: Change others lives


Patrick Hines

Results U Certified

Passion:  My passion is to help people and persuade them that living a fit lifestyle is the way to go.  I am going to be a physical education teacher and hope to drive this mentality into the youth.

Training Philosophy: One should not stay complacent with what they’re doing in the gym.  Always strive to do better, whether that means doing more reps than you initially planned or bumping up the weight after a set.  It is hard work but you have to love the process.

How/Why you got started:    I’ve always enjoyed athletics and training to reach my potential.  When sports came to an end, I used the gym to get my energy out and set new goals.  Today, I have the great opportunity to help people feel better in their bodies and enjoy a healthier, fit lifestyle.


Paige Wootton

Results U Certified, CPR

Specialty: Training anyone and everyone!!

Passion: Treating your body like a temple – taking care of it properly.  Changing to look how you want – it’s crazy what your body can do.

Training Philosophy: Give 100%, as much as you can.  Breaks are never the end of the world.  Train better than/harder than the day before or you’ll stay the same.  DON’T EVER give up.

Fun Fact about yourself: Before I was a coach I was a drummer.  I was injured and never played a sport.  I was a drum captain and played for 8 years.