Our Method

The Secret to Unlocking Better Fitness Results

If you’ve been frustrated by your results with weight loss and fitness in the past, it’s probably not your fault. The majority of people going to a traditional big box gym report being unsatisfied with their workout results. That’s because going to a gym just isn’t enough. Paying a gym membership is just paying rent on equipment. It doesn’t give you the complete fitness and nutrition program you need to actually see results and start feeling healthier. But that’s what we do at Results U, and it all starts with your metabolic fingerprint.

Get Your Metabolic Fingerprint & Customized Fitness Plan

Your metabolic fingerprint reveals data about you and your body’s needs. This is real, hard data about how your body functions, what it’s lacking, and how many calories you are burning each day. It eliminates the guesswork that has traditionally been done with charts and graphs, which only provide a “best guess” about your body. That best guess could be what was holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals. With our metabolic fingerprinting body scan, we’ll be able to more precisely tell you how many calories you burn a day and then tailor a workout and nutrition plan that meets your needs.

Start Working Towards Fitness Goals With Results U

We use the InBody testing system to get your metabolic fingerprint. Once we have that, we design a fitness program that’s fun and moves you towards your goals. You’ll be amazed at how much faster you can achieve fitness results when you have the right information and the right program! Get in touch with us today to learn more and to schedule your InBody testing to get your metabolic fingerprint and get started with your customized nutrition and fitness plan in Edgewater.