Hold It Over The Holidays

Don’t miss out on our 3rd annual 56 day or 8 week Special  program…

“Hold IT over the Holidays” guarantees to lose or hold your current waist size during the hardest time of the year.
Pre- registration special starts October 17 – October 31, 2017
Special includes 10% off the program  — 2 weeks added to the program —- 1/2 off Polar product —  10% off CRA test (metabolic testing).
1) Registration is $224 (This includes CRA test and polar Heart Rate)

  • Early bird special
    • No fee for Polar HR
    • 10% off none member CRA
    • Early bird Pre- Registration cost = $160

2) Program price = 4 payments of $134.50 : Early bird special 4 payments of $121.00 
3) First payment after registration is not due until 11/1/2017

4) Start training NOW 3x a week in Prime, Full access to PEAK.

Everyone needs a coach even more so this time of year.
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