Semi-Private & Peak Fitness

We’ll Show You How to Get Fit On a Busy Schedule

Our gym workout program for adults is focused on helping you get the maximum results in the shortest amount of time. We know that your schedule is probably as busy as ours. Between your work and family, it’s hard to find time for yourself in order to work on your fitness goals. Unfortunately, gym workout time is often the first thing to go when looking for more time in your calendar. But we’ll show you how to make fitness a priority without taking up too much of your time at our fitness center in Edgewater.

End Your Fitness Frustration With Our Fitness Triangle

We maximize your gym workout time with our success triangle. During your workout with our personal trainers, you’ll touch on each part of this success triangle; each component is vital to ending the frustration you’ve felt from big box gym attendance. Follow the Results U program, and fitting in fitness will no longer be a struggle and you won’t be frustrated by a lack of results.

The Success Triangle  Nutrition Technology Program

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Technology


Our Monthly Seminars Keep You Focused and On Track

Our fitness center’s personal trainers keep in touch with clients in person as well as through our monthly seminars and blogs. These are designed to show clients looking for a different approach to fitness how they can fit gym workouts and better nutrition into their busy life. Our trainers will be there to answer your questions and make sure you have an exercise and nutrition program that’s tailored to help you achieve your personal goals!

Get in touch with Results U in Edgewater about starting your personal training and nutrition program. It’s time to ditch the big box fitness clubs and see how much you can achieve in our Adults Program with committed, passionate fitness trainers.