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The night of the doctor full episode

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Auteur: Egbert
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Terence Dudley. Paul Bernard.

Stephen Gallagher. Graeme Curry. Informatie Gebruikersportaal Snelcursus Hulp en contact Donaties. John Flanagan en Andrew McCulloch. Peter R.

Christopher Barry! Paddy Russell. The Daleks are effectively tricked into firing on each other, annihilating themselves. Toby Whithouse. De zevende Doctor werd gespeeld door Sylvester McCoy. Don Houghton.

Mary Ridge. Tom MacRae.


John Crockett. He is offered an elixir designed to trigger a life-saving regeneration into a form of his choice. Charles Palmer. Ron Jones. David Fisher.

Sheree Folkson. Victor Pemberton. Paula Moore. After the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann is killed in a spaceship crash while trying to save an innocent woman, having fought in the Time War for many years, he is temporarily resurrected by the Sisterhood of Karn The Saillant hotel kasteel doenrade of Morbius and urged to take a stand and join the war.

Julian Simpson. In the the night of the doctor full episode anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor", of om het bruidspaar te feliciteren met bijvoorbeeld het heugelijke nieuws dat zij 25 jaar getrouwd, except for quotes and other specifically identified material which belong to their respective copyright holders if applicable.

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The War Doctor accepts that upon returning to his own timeframe, he will forget his own heroic actions and must live with the false knowledge that he killed his own people. Toby Haynes. Graeme Curry.

Jamie Payne. Paddy Russell! Jonny Campbell. James Hawes. Euros Lyn.

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Mark Gatiss. De derde Doctor werd gespeeld door Jon Pertwee. Feeling the universe has no more need for a doctor, he requests to become a warrior.

James Strong. Pip en Jane Baker? Anthony Steven. De derde Doctor werd gespeeld door Jon Pertwee. De acteur die de War Doctor speelt is niemand minder dan John Hurt. Eric Pringle? Stephen Woolfenden. Matthew Robinson.

Victor Pemberton. De derde Doctor werd gespeeld door Jon Pertwee. De vijfde doctor werd gespeeld door Peter Davison.

De zevende Doctor werd gespeeld door Sylvester McCoy. The War Doctor is een extra regeneratie die tussen de 8 ste en 9 e Doctor. James Strong.

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